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Simplisafe Alarm System

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Simplisafe alarm system has one goal and that is to make a home feel like home. I know it
sounds sarcastic but with the increasing rate of violent crime home no longer feels Like home
but rather feels like an unstable and I’m comfortable place for some people. Only 20% of homes
in the USA have security and that is what SimpliSafe is aimed at changing. Simplisafe alarm system is out to fill in all the loopholes other security systems have and that is why it comes with a new flare which is a professional monitoring system that consists of a medical, fire, and police dispatch. In case of emergencies such as robberies medical complications, or fire incidents you receive a quick intervention from the Simplisafe professional monitoring system and dispatch. Read further to discover more.

Simplisafe Alarm System

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  • No long-term contracts.
  • Monitored by professionals.
  • No hard wiring, Wireless.
  • Easy setup in a few minutes.
  • Protects against, burst pipes, water damage, burglaries, and fires. Quick medical intervention.
  • Cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity


  • Cannot function without an internet connection.
  • Features cannot be accessed without a subscription.

What’s in the box

  • One base station.
  • One keypad.
  • Four entry sensors.
  • One motion sensor.
  • One panic button.

Features and details

Professional monitoring.

Get help to your home as fast as possible especially when you need it most. Authorities were dispatched, Fire Department, police, and emergency medical care. Whether you are using SimpliSafe or Ring Alarm Home Security System Professional monitoring is only possible after a subscription. This security system is strongly recommended especially if you have an elderly person at home or someone with a delicate health condition but above all, every home needs a Simplisafe alarm system.

SimpliSafe Monitoring systems.

You can either go for interactive monitoring which cause $27.99 monthly or standard monitoring which cost $17.99 monthly. With interactive monitoring you have full app control, unlimited video recording, medical emergencies, and anything else you need to keep your family safe around the clock and much more. Going for the standard monitoring, you have 24/7 protection from Intruders, no video recording with limited app control but you get fire and medical emergencies.

SimpliSafe alarm installation.

This is one of the most appreciated facts about the SimpliSafe alarm system. Setting up a super easy and it takes only a few minutes, no tools or professional help is needed.

Software compatibility.

“Alexa, arm SimpliSafe.” You can either use Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, apple watch, and much more to arm your SimpliSafe system. Give comments without having to use your hands.

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Alarm and siren system.

Both the SimpliSafe alarm and Simplisafe siren are found in the base station. The base station which is like your personal security guard has a 95 DB siren which can be used to send away intruders and it also has an alarm that it uses to send alarm signals to the monitoring Center. it is important to note that the alarm is quite loud.

Human detection.

The SimpliSafe security system has sensors and one of them is a motion sensor that alerts you of any human detection you also have the entry sensor which protects your windows and doors and I let you each time any of them opens.

Battery life.

Just like SimpliSafe Doorbell, the SimpliSafe alarm can last for almost a decade in the entry sensors but battery life may vary based on usage.

SimpliSafe alarm Duress Pin

SimpliSafe has a duress pin that serves as a secret alarm. If someone forces you to disarm your
system the duress pin will immediately and secretly alert the monitoring center.

Just as was mentioned earlier, this product was made particularly for US Citizens. This is a summary of some very positive reviews from US users.

  • 99% of users are very happy with how easy and unique the installation process is.
  • The professional monitoring system is amazing.
  • Quick response from agents. ( Response within 90seconds).
  • Getting a 30-day free trial of their monitoring system is a plus and the subscription is an Affordable $27.99 full monitoring plan.
  • Instant responses to census and calls from the Monitoring Center.
  • Awesome alarm system.
  • Some think it’s awesome for vacant or rental properties.
  • Easily ward off burglars.
  • Great visibility dashboard on both iPhone and PC.
  • A key fob is nice especially when you have your hands full.
  • works with Alexa and google assistant.

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This product is awesome as you can read from the above points nevertheless
there are always things to improve on and the below points are from the general review points.

  • Improve its online chat feature. You get ignored for a while after answering a bunch of questions responses don’t come fast.
  • The whole system crashed when the internet went out to save a review but luckily it was immediately replaced by an agent who said it wasn’t supposed to happen as such.
  • The alarm siren is not very loud since it is battery-powered. When you set it to home while sleeping at night then it turns off motion sensors.
  • Accessing the camera through the app is slow.
  • It will be better with accessories like covers to protect the cameras and sensor.
  • Having to charge so frequently is uncomfortable.
  • Technical support on weekends Isn’t So Good.
  • Doesn’t record a lot of videos. Users from other countries do not seem to appreciate this product the way US users do. Let’s hear from Australia and Mexico.
  • Does not work at all because monitoring is not available in OZ and it’s not compatible with 4G.
  • Does not send notifications via Wi-Fi.
  • The alarm system is easily crushed with a 433 MHz radio device.
  • If the base station loses contact with the sensors it shuts down the alarm system.
  • It has a non-replaceable battery which is supposed to last five to 10 years but a review was the battery died in 2 years.

The SimpliSafe alarm system is usually compared to the ring alarm system as these
two security systems seem to have a lot in common. I do hope this review on Simplisafe alarm system helps you understand everything you need to know about this product.

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