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Brinks Home Security Review

The safety and protection of your family, while they are at home, should be one of your top considerations as a homeowner. A home security system can help you sleep better at night. Break-ins, robberies, and theft can swiftly erode your sense of security and peace of mind. Brinks Home Security is one of the top 10 Best Home Security Systems for 2022

Brinks Home Security Review, Brinks Home Security is one of the top 10 Best Home Security Systems for 2022

If you’ve been looking for a dependable security monitoring system, Brinks Home Security may be an option for you. Two years in a row, Brinks Home Security has been recognized as the provider of the highest level of customer satisfaction for professionally installed home security systems. A Brinks Home Security system is both cost-effective and safe thanks to flexible pricing and installation choices. In this review article, you will get to know everything about Brinks Home Security before installing it in your house.

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Product Information

With decades of experience and more than 1 million clients, Brinks is a reputable provider of security systems.

One of the many security providers that allow for DIY installation is Brinks. Peel-and-stick sensors in the company’s products make installation simple, and Brinks’ instructional installation video walks viewers through the procedure. Brinks also provides professional installation, which some clients may be eligible for at no charge, for individuals who lack the time to install a system.

Brinks provides a wide range of home automation products, including smart locks, thermostats, and garage door sensors, in addition to conventional security hardware. All of these can be managed using well-known smart home assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. The Brinks Home app allows you to control the system and view real-time video from the cameras.


  • Brinks may fully integrate if you already use Google or Amazon’s smart home ecosystems.
  • We simply needed approximately 35 minutes to put Brinks together with the help of the over-the-phone support. But if you choose the most expensive package, your system will be mounted on the building.
  • Each new customer to Brinks makes a monthly payment for cellular backup and 24-hour professional monitoring.
  • Installation options include both DIY and expert
  • 30 days of risk-free testing
  • Access to mobile apps is included with each bundle.


  • Brinks doesn’t offer the cheapest monthly rates available, starting at $39.99.
  • Brinks required users to sign three-year, legally enforceable contracts; however, if you utilize Nest Secure, a monthly option is available.
  • Some packages do not include video monitoring
  • Not every security system gear is eligible for installation refunds.

Brinks Installation

Brinks, a more traditional security provider, employs installation professionals to configure their security systems over the phone. The Smart Security Ultimate bundle, however, includes free professional installation. It is evident right away that the Brinks system is made to be simple to install.

Now, Brinks urges you to text or phone their customer care department to schedule that if you’d prefer to have a professional install your system. (Of course, for a cost.) Also, take note that Brinks’ Ultimate package presently includes professional installation.

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Brink Home Security Packages

Home Secure, Smart Security Essential, Smart Security Complete, and Smart Security Ultimate are the four different home security packages offered by Brinks Home Security.

Smart Security Essential

  • Cost of Equipment: $199
  • Equipment: Brinks Home Touch, one wireless motion sensor, two wireless door sensors, yard signs, and stickers; monthly monitoring fee: $29.99
  • A 36-month contract is necessary
  • 24/7 monitoring is included.

Home Secure

  • Cost of Equipment: $399
  • $9 monthly monitoring cost.
  • Equipment: a yard sign, two home tags, two home detectors, and a home Guard.
  • There is no need for a contract; professional monitoring is possible.

Smart Security Ultimate

  • Equipment Cost: 1.099
  • $39/month for monitoring.
  • Brinks Home Touch, Brinks video doorbell, Brinks outdoor camera, two Brinks wireless motion detectors, three Brinks wireless door sensors, expert installation, yard signage, and stickers are all included in the package.
  • A 36-month contract is necessary
  • Includes constant supervision

Complete Security Smart

  • Cost of equipment: $499
  • $39/month for monitoring.
  • Brinks Home Touch, two wireless motion sensors, a night vision interior camera, three wireless door sensors, yard signs, and stickers are the available equipment.
  • A 36-month contract is necessary
  • Includes constant supervision

Brinks Products

Brinks sells cutting-edge security products with a smart home automation focus. You have the option to include indoor cameras, outdoor cameras, and doorbell cameras. The business furthermore offers a variety of smart home goods, including smart locks and thermostats.

Brinks Home Touch, a smart home hub that manages all of its devices, is included with every Brinks home security plan. For the most control over your smart home, you may link it to Amazon Alexa, Z-Wave, and the Brinks app on your phone. The wireless motion and door sensors guard against intruders while providing updates right to your phone.

Glass Break Detector

Within a 20-foot radius, the glass break detector can identify glass breaking. This wireless device was a wonderful addition to our security system because many burglars will just smash a window to avoid setting window sensors off. Particularly on first-floor windows, we advise using it.

Brinks Home Security App

Brinks Home Security app. Brinks Home Security is one of the top 10 Best Home Security Systems for 2022

Directly integrated smart home gadgets with Brinks Home connect via the Brinks Home Security app, providing a single point of access for all smart home control.

As Brinks Home employs this all-purpose software for its smart home requirements, when we refer to the “Brinks Home app,” we really mean to say the “ app.” The app is well-reviewed, so there’s nothing wrong with that, but be aware that you might receive the same app experience from a smaller, local business.

Brinks Monitoring

The industry standard price for monthly monitoring is between $20 and $30. Users were not pleased with Brinks’ $49 monthly price, as you might expect. (Keep in mind that these are additional to equipment costs.) With the other two programs, which cost $44 per month for Complete and $39 per month for Essential, you’ll pay a little less for monitoring.

Furthermore, Brinks has some nice tools for performance monitoring, such as Live Voice Assist (two-way communication through the control panel), ASAPer service (immediate interactive messaging), and cloud storage for video recordings.


Brinks Home Security is a fairly modest product. It’s not excessively costly but it’s not cheap, it’s not really revolutionary but it’s not completely antiquated, and it’s not in any way spectacular. The variety of useful monitoring features is the only thing that truly differentiates Brinks Home.

So you and Brinks Home will get along like no one’s business if you want to get the most out of your monitoring.

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