About Us


At Security64, We’re committed to providing every homeowner and company with clear, credible & evidence-based home security information and tech that’s distinguished by its desire for feeling safe and secured.

People turn to our brands for answers and support. We deliver, with credibility and compassion.

What we do

We provide information on Security solutions for your home:

  • Monitored burglar and fire alarms
  • Video Surveillance Cameras
  • Smart & secure entryways
  • Personal emergency response
  • Smart voice control
  • Smart locks & Doorbell
  • Smoke detector
  • Home Technologies
  • Environmental hazard monitoring
  • Access control
  • Smart lighting

What we believe

Knowing your home is safe & secured makes you feel good about yourself and gives you peace of mind. Maintain a peaceful life by doing what is right for your safety. At Security64, we believe your Security is priceless.

We welcome your questions and feedback.