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SimpliSafe vs Ring Alarm

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SimpliSafe vs Ring Alarm Home Security System,

Which one will come out as #1 in this comparison?

The number of options available to classic, connected, and landline-based home security systems has increased in the modern day, but it can be challenging to identify between all the new players in the market. In this SimpliSafe vs Ring Alarm comparison, we will find out which takes the #1 position.

Two of the most well-known providers of home security systems in existence today are SimpliSafe and Ring Alarm. They provide people who don’t want to sign long-term contracts and do want an economical choice for monitoring their house.

Along with some wonderful home automation to go with it, the companies offer a variety of products, that care about protecting homes and do so. Consider both of these solutions depending on where you need security and what your objectives are if you’re trying to select between the two.

Both SimpliSafe and Ring are respected businesses with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Ring Alarm offers 30-day free trials, 1-year warranties, and less-priced options. SimpliSafe offers a longer warranty duration of 3 years and a longer trial period of 60 days despite having more expensive packages.

To assist you in selecting the finest home security system for your house, we’ll evaluate the pros and cons, services, and costs of two of the most well-known home security providers SimpliSafe and Ring Alarm.

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What is SimpliSafe Home Security and How does it work?

SimpliSafe, a relative newcomer to the security sector, was inspired by the demand for self-installable, portable security equipment that renters could use while on the go.

SimpliSafe vs Ring Alarm

SimpliSafe has several extra capabilities but otherwise functions quite similarly to a typical home security system. It has all the same contemporary features. Professional monitoring, guaranteed police alerting when necessary, no contracts, and simple installation are all features of the company’s home security solutions.

Depending on whether you are safeguarding a large or small home, apartment, or other space, SimpliSafe offers a variety of options from which you can choose.

SimpliSafe provides the following:

  • Transparent and reasonable price.
  • Almost any size house or apartment can be modified.
  • Services for professional monitoring are provided without a contract.

SimpliSafe offers online purchase and self-installation & Video doorbells similar to Ring, while you can alternatively pay a professional expert to install the system for you. Although some elements can be managed using the SimpliSafe app, the Interactive Plan is required for full mobile capabilities.

What is Ring Alarm Home Security and How does it work?

Ring Alarm was founded in 2013 with the goal of manufacturing video doorbells, making it the industry leader. Amazon bought Ring Alarm in 2018 for $1.2 billion.

Ring Alarm

With a number of adjustable features, the Ring Alarm System offers a means for you to protect your house from the inside out. That is, a variety of arrangements are available for you to pick from in order to meet your unique risks and objectives.

Ring Alarm provides the following:

  • Lowest cost home security products.
  • Many different types of doorbells, indoor, and outdoor cameras.
  • Professional monitoring services do not require a contract.

Ring equipment can be ordered online and supplied to your house. You can also acquire monitoring services through the website. Peel-and-stick adhesives make it simple to install it on your own. You can start controlling your system either remotely or through the keypad once you’ve turned on your equipment and downloaded the Ring Always Home app.

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SimpliSafe VS Ring Packages

SimpliSafe Package

The SimpliSafe system begins with a set of fundamental home security components called The Foundation. Although the majority of the hardware is available for a la carte purchase, the four other packages include additional equipment as needed.

Simplisafe vs Ring Home Security

Additionally, SimpliSafe provides the following equipment:

  • Additional motion and entry sensors
  • Break sensors for glass
  • Pro Video Doorbell
  • An indoor security camera from SimpliCam (cloud storage sold separately)
  • A smart lock

With SimpliSafe, you have the choice of expert monitoring on a month-to-month basis without a contract or self-monitoring.

Here is a description of SimpliSafe’s two professional monitoring packages:

  • The base station is linked to a monitoring station under the Standard Plan.
  • With the mobile app, alert notifications, and the option to stream video camera footage, the Interactive Plan provides you complete control over the system.

Ring Alarm Package

Depending on the size of your home, Ring offers three basic plans: small, medium, or large.

Simplisafe vs Ring Home Security

You can add the following equipment if you purchase one of the above packages:

  • Video doorbells from Ring
  • A pair of indoor camera types
  • 2 different kinds of outdoor cameras
  • LED lighting
  • Freeze/flood sensors
  • Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors
  • Fear buttons

A range of ‘Works with Ring’ product integrations can also be added by users. Similar to SimpliSafe, the Ring alarm system enables self-monitoring, and you won’t have to pay extra to get mobile alerts or use an app to control it.

You need the Ring Protect Basic plan in order to enable video recording for one camera. The Ring Protect Plus package is available if you want professional 24/7 monitoring and video recording for several cameras.

SimpliSafe VS Ring Alarm Pricing

SimpliSafe Pricing.

All you need to do to self-monitor is buy the SimpliSafe equipment. However, if you sign up for monitoring, SimpliSafe will give you a 20% discount on the equipment.

Simplisafe vs Ring Home Security

The Standard Plan costs $14.99 per month with any of these bundles, while the Interactive Plan costs $24.99 per month. This monitoring cost is paid sporadically and is cancellable at any time. One camera costs $4.99 per month for cloud video storage, and two to ten cameras cost $9.99 per month.

Ring Pricing

Despite the fact that Ring only offers three hardware bundles, if you select one of them, you’ll receive a 10% discount on additional equipment purchases.

Here is a list of Ring package pricing:

Simplisafe vs Ring Home Security

If you decide to purchase a Ring Protect plan, there is no commitment and payments can be made either monthly or annually. The plans are optional, and using Ring products is not contingent upon purchasing one.

  • Ring Protect Basic costs $3 monthly or $30 annually.
  • Ring Protect Plus costs $10 per month or $100 per year.

What do Ring and SimpliSafe have in Common?

Both of these businesses were founded on the notion that renters and homeowners shouldn’t be required to pay expensive fees or sign binding agreements in order to benefit from the peace of mind provided by a home security system. Both businesses additionally provide the following services:

  • Offer products that are affordable and simple for you to install.
  • Feature security cameras, but neither company has them as part of its standard offerings.
  • Have a Better Business Bureau rating of A+ (BBB)

How Ring and SimpliSafe are different?

These simple comparisons between the two home security companies include:

  • Ring offers significantly more affordable monitoring and equipment.
  • Ring offers many camera choices, such as numerous outside cameras.
  • Despite recently adding more security measures, Ring’s systems have historically been vulnerable to hacking.
  • SimpliSafe provides a wider selection of smart home and security hardware.
  • The sensors from SimpliSafe are more durable yet smaller.


From this SimpliSafe vs Ring Alarm comparison article, we conclude that you should consider investing in Ring as the best alternative if cost is your primary issue and you would prefer the self-monitoring option or if you want an outside security camera. SimpliSafe does provide an “outside kit” for its interior camera, however, buyers claim that neither the power connector nor the lens is genuinely protected.

It’s also difficult to match Ring’s unlimited cloud storage at $3.00. SimpliSafe can be ideal for larger homes and apartments due to its more powerful bundles.

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