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ADT Security System

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ADT Home security systems

Home security systems give owners reassurance that their residence is secure. ADT Security System has more than 145 years of experience and millions of clients worldwide, making it the security provider with the longest history of assisting in home protection. ADT provides customized home security solutions for every property and price range. It provides a six-month money-back guarantee in addition to a 24/7 expert monitoring service.

ADT Security System

Product Information

One of the top home security systems available is from ADT. Across the country, the business serves millions of consumers and has more than 145 years of experience. Additionally, it offers 24/7 expert surveillance, giving consumers the assurance that their house is secure at all times.

ADT is our top choice for the best home security system because to its extensive package selections, skilled installation procedure, and affordable pricing.

Five home security system bundles are available from ADT. Keypad panels, motion sensors, remote key fobs, panic buttons, and wireless door/window sensors can all be found in the packages. Access to mobile apps, indoor/outdoor cameras, doorbell cameras, smart locks, and smart plugs are features of advanced packages. The cameras from ADT provide two-way audio, 720p HD, and night vision.

What’s in the Box?

During your initial in-home consultation with a business representative, ADT offers its equipment tailored to your precise needs; alternatively, you can create your own system by choosing the appropriate tools online. The base home security package from ADT costs $599 when paid in full or $9.98 per month with a financing option. It contains a digital touch screen control panel, three door or window sensors, and one motion detector.

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The following components might be included in the ADT Security System as well:

  • Outdoor Pro HD camera ($4.83 per month): Equipped with a 1080p resolution, two-way audio, a live stream, and recording capabilities, this outdoor camera is also waterproof.
  • $3.33 per month for an HD Video Doorbell Camera: For two-way communication, a live broadcast, motion detection, and recorded clips that are available through the ADT Control app, replace your existing doorbell with this camera.
  • ($2.50 per month) Indoor Pro HD Camera: This indoor camera may be placed in a main room or hallway to provide a 1080p view of visitors, pets, or intruders in your home.
  • Sensor for the door or window ($0.83 monthly): You can purchase as many of these sensors as you need to secure your doors and windows, even though they come with a base system.
  • Motion detector ($1.67 per month): This device can send personalized notifications to your system and phone and can detect motion in big rooms or busy halls.
  • Flood detector ($1.67 per month): This sensor will notify you if there is a pipe leak or if water from a storm is leaking into your home, helping to reduce any potential water damage.


  • Offers a 30-day trial period as well as a six-month money-back guarantee.
  • Has more than 12 centers and runs the largest nationwide network of professional monitoring centers.
  • Gives users access to a variety of smart home gadgets, with some packages including remote control via a smartphone app.


  • For professionally installed systems, a minimum 36-month commitment is necessary (24 months in CA)
  • Professional installation of single devices is not provided by ADT; full system purchase is necessary.
  • Compared to other home security companies, has more expensive monthly monitoring rates, according to our analysis of each provider’s pricing.

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Camera Features and Details

Landline or Mobile

For emergency monitoring, many recent home alarm providers only provide cellular connections. Cellular is often the most dependable, although, in some isolated locations, it simply isn’t available. As a result, if you reside in a rural area, ADT is one of the few market leaders to offer both landline and mobile monitoring services. Although our experts think cellular is best, we appreciate that ADT Security System offers you a choice.

Motion Sensor for Pets

Intruders might be found using infrared motion sensors in ADT security systems. Your installer can configure these sensors to disregard moving objects up to 50 pounds in weight to help prevent false alerts brought on by dogs.

Leak, Flood, and Fire Detection

ADT monitoring systems can find water leaks, excessive heat, smoke, and carbon monoxide for complete home security. Several of these environmental monitoring tools have undergone testing by us. They helped us feel safer, especially when we were out of town. These improvements have a 1,000x return on investment.

Video Monitoring

Security cameras from ADT are available for both indoor and outdoor surveillance. You may live-stream video to your mobile device using ADT Video (the company’s most popular offering). In addition, security cameras can provide you with concrete evidence to apprehend criminals that target your property. We always advise installing home security.

Plan for Monitoring

ADT’s monitoring plan is another element that, depending on your choices, may be advantageous or disadvantageous. They offer a professional 24/7 monitoring service in addition to the necessary expert installation, along with cellular backup. As a result, you will always have backups in case a power loss happens, as well as a team of ADT monitoring experts prepared for any issues.

Therefore, ADT will deliver if you’re looking for complete coverage and security service. However, ADT does not provide you the option to only self-monitor if you’re trying to save some money. Additionally, a 3-year contract is required to use this service, thus it is required to pay between $40 and $60 per month for the duration of the contract.

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For those searching for a properly installed and managed home security system, ADT is an excellent choice. It’s also a fantastic choice if you want to arm or disarm your security system using an Amazon Alexa.

ADT has an A+ rating and is approved by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This excellent rating is based on the BBB’s assessment of how ADT will likely deal with its clients.

We suggest ADT Security System if you’re looking for a business with a lot of experience in the home security sector and 24/7 monitoring centers all around the country to service your system. Its expert home security system is equipped with a variety of tools and features to assist keep intruders out of your house.

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