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SimpliSafe vs. Vivint Security System

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In the United States, many homeowners and renters use the security systems from SimpliSafe and Vivint. This SimpliSafe vs. Vivint comparison will help you determine which system is more suitable for your house.

Homeowners and renters frequently compare SimpliSafe vs. Vivint when determining which home security system to buy. Both businesses include video surveillance, smart home compatibility, and professional 24/7 monitoring.

What is SimpliSafe?

 SimpliSafe vs. Vivint Security System

SimpliSafe was established in 2006 to give renters a means of securing their residences. Over three million homeowners and renters in the US and the UK are now protected by the company. One of the best home security firms in the business, SimpliSafe is renowned for its simple installation.

Best Features:

  • Cheap monitoring strategies
  • Simple Installation
  • Provides substantial equipment reductions

What is Vivint?

Vivint home security system

With more than 20 years of expertise and superiority in the field of smart home integration, Vivint is a home security firm. It provides internal professional monitoring services and was designated one of Fast Company’s 50 Most Innovative Companies in 2017.

Best Features

  • Combines with a wide range of smart home gadgets
  • Modern security measures
  • Free installation by experts

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What do Vivint and SimpliSafe have in common?

Although SimpliSafe and Vivint are completely distinct home security systems, they do have some things in common, such as the following:

  • Security gadgets: Both businesses sell standard security gadgets like security cameras, motion detectors, and entry sensors.
  • Option for self-monitoring: Homeowners have the option of using various features of SimpliSafe and Vivint without subscribing to a professional monitoring service.

Vivint and SimpliSafe are both capable of interacting with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for smart home use.

What Distinguishes Vivint From SimpliSafe?

These two home security providers have a lot of distinctions. The following are some of the most notable variations:

  • Cost of professional monitoring: Vivint charges significantly more than SimpliSafe for the professional monitoring of a house.
  • Trial length: Compared to Vivint, SimpliSafe’s trial term is significantly longer.
  • Integrations with Smart Homes: Vivint can connect to many more smart home appliances than SimpliSafe.
  • Installation Technique: SimpliSafe is primarily intended for DIY installation, but Vivint offers free professional installation.

Vivint’s equipment is significantly more expensive and complex than SimpliSafe’s equipment in terms of both complexity and expense.

SimpliSafe vs. Vivint: How does it Work?

How does SimpliSafe work?

The wireless sensors from SimpliSafe are intended to detect things like motion in the house, a door opening, or broken glass. A person from SimpliSafe’s monitoring center will receive a notification when one of the sensors triggers and will call the homeowner right away. SimpliSafe will notify an emergency response team if the homeowner ignores the phone call or certifies that the sensor’s activation wasn’t an accident.

When a sensor is activated, homeowners who choose to self-monitor will not receive alarm notifications; instead, it is their responsibility to contact an emergency response team.

When one of the homeowner’s wireless sensors is triggered, the siren, if they got one with their equipment package, will sound off to warn everyone inside the house.

How does Vivint Work?

Your security system can be professionally installed for free by Vivint. The system will get in touch with the Vivint monitoring station when an event activates one of your sensors. If there is an emergency, a person from the Vivint monitoring station will then phone you to confirm. The cops will be deployed to your house if you confirm that you are in trouble with the monitoring center or if the company’s agents are unable to reach you.

SimpliSafe vs. Vivint: Professional Monitoring.

There are two major alternatives for home security monitoring: 24/7 professional monitoring or self-monitoring using your mobile app. If you select the latter, a group of people will continuously keep an eye on your system.

If one of your alarms goes off, the experienced monitors will, if necessary, call emergency personnel on your behalf. This may be particularly useful if you’re away or otherwise preoccupied. Vivint does offer the option of self-monitoring, though we should always advise hiring expert monitoring whenever it is available.

SimpliSafe vs. Vivint: Pricing


The price of SimpliSafe’s services includes the price of its security tools and the price of its extra-cost professional monitoring services. Both a Standard Plan and an Interactive Plan are offered by SimpliSafe.

Here is a summary of the monitoring plans offered by SimpliSafe and their price:

Standard Plan ($14.99 per month): Without access to warning alerts or the company’s mobile application, this plan just links the base station to the monitoring center of the business.

The Interactive Plan, which costs $24.99: Along with linking the base station to the company’s monitoring center, this package does offer access to warnings via the mobile app from SimpliSafe.

The cost of SimpliSafe’s equipment depends on whether a homeowner joins up for professional monitoring; for customers that do, SimpliSafe offers a 20 % discount on equipment.


Better protection starts with smarter prevention

Whether or not a homeowner purchases their security equipment upfront determines the cost of Vivint’s services. If they do, Vivint enables users to pay for monitoring services on a monthly basis. If a homeowner wants to finance their equipment, they must sign a five-year contract with a monthly payment and bundle it with monitoring services.

The following are some of the professional monitoring options and costs offered by Vivint:

  • Plan for Smart Security: $29.99 per month
  • $39.99/month for the Smart Home Plan
  • Plan for Smart Home Video: $44.99.

SimpliSafe vs. Vivint: Contracts

All SimpliSafe contracts are month-to-month, however, you must sign a 3.5 or a five-year contract with Vivint. However, you are free to terminate Vivint at any time; all you would need to do is pay for your equipment in full.

SimpliSafe vs. Vivint: Moving Policies

If you’re relocating, simply pick up your system and install it in your new residence because SimpliSafe offers DIY installation. Or, for $79, you could have it professionally installed once more. Contrarily, if you use Vivint, they’ll replace it at no cost to you.

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Among the most popular security systems in the US are SimpliSafe and Vivint. Both businesses were listed by our reviews team as top home security providers for 2022. In this SimpliSafe vs. Vivint comparison, only you can make the right choice for your protection. Consider SimpliSafe if you’re looking for a supplier with affordable costs and a straightforward but reliable security system. Consider Vivint if you’re looking for a provider with lots of smart home integrations and cutting-edge security gear.

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