Bosch Flexidome 5000i

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Bosch NDE-5503-AL Flexidome 5000i Outdoor Dome Bosch Camera Varifocus…

Bosch has added the Flexidome IP 5000i Essential Video Analytics capabilities as a standard feature to their fixed dome network video camera. This enables people to comprehend what they are seeing and creates information that gives the video meaning and structure.

Metadata may now be used in conjunction with video footage to increase your degree of security and help you make wiser business decisions utilizing a multitude of statistics, as opposed to just gathering and storing data.

Bosch FLEXIDOME IP 5000i

This smart camera facilitates improved intrusion detection to further increase security, allowing users to establish one or more alarm rules concurrently and only receive alerts when necessary. By employing metadata, the camera’s capacity to perceive its surroundings aids in giving video data context and organization.

Product Information

Professional security cameras, the Bosch 5MP outdoor dome cameras deliver high-quality images for exacting security monitoring network needs. These sturdy domes are true day/night cameras that function superbly both during the day and at night. There is a model that performs well in extremely low-light conditions thanks to a built-in active infrared illumination.

The IK10-rated design is excellent for installations where vandal protection is crucial and is ideal for outdoor use. The camera complies with IP66 specifications for water and dust protection. You can select the coverage area using the varifocal lens to match your application. There are many mounting choices, such as surface, wall, and hanging mounting.

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With frame rates up to 60 Fps, Bosch Flexidome 5000i is available in a range of resolutions, from 720 up to 5 megapixels. As a result, security is increased and new application possibilities are presented. The camera’s full video analysis capacity, such as color filtering, is now accessible even in situations with little ambient light. The Bosch security system offers sophisticated dynamic noise reduction and intelligent transfer for the most effective data management.


  • 5MP for photos with incredible detail.
  • With a wizard, auto zoom/focus lens, and pre-configured options, installation is simple.
  • Quad streaming with full customization.
  • E-PTZ and regions of interest.
  • IR version, a viewing distance of 15 m (50 ft).


  • Privacy can be a Problem
  • It Might Be Expensive
  • They Might Be Vulnerable
  • Unable to Prevent Theft

What is in the Box of Bosch Flexidome 5000i?

Bosch Flexidome 5000i

The Bosch Flexidome 5000i camera adds to a lineup of the fixed dome, bullet, and box cameras that have built-in Bosch Essential Video Analytics, completely customizable H.265 multi-streaming, and straightforward installation with auto zoom/focus lens (AVF), a wizard, and pre-configured modes.

The 1/2.8-inch CMOS sensor, 3-9mm automatic varifocal (AVF) IR-corrected lens, LED 10 850nm high-efficiency array, 45-meter range, and automatic target detection with manual override are all features of the Bosch Flexidome 5000i. The Flexidome 5000i has a dynamic range of 146 HDR (WDR is 107), transmits video at 60 frames per second to handle unevenly lit settings, and produces color images in the darkest of scenes at 0.02 lux and monochrome at 0.005 lux.

Camera Features

1. Encoding Based on Area:

The property of area-based encoding also lowers bandwidth. It is possible to set the compression parameters for up to eight user-definable zones. This makes it possible to heavily compress uninteresting areas, freeing up bandwidth for crucial portions of the scene.

2. Voice Communication and Audio Alarm:

Through the use of an external audio line input and output, two-way audio enables the operator to speak with guests or trespassers. If necessary, an alarm may be generated using audio detection.

3. Motion and Tamper Detection:

Alarms informing of camera tampering can be configured in a broad variety of ways. Alarm signals may also use a built-in algorithm for identifying movement in the video.

4. Storage Administration:

The Bosch Video Recording Manager (VRM) may manage recordings, or the camera can use iSCSI applied in the following without any recording software.

5. Edge Capture:

Storage capacity of up to 2 TB is supported by the MicroSD card slot. Local alarm recording can be done on a microSD card. Pre-alarm recording in RAM decreases network recording bandwidth or, if microSD card recording is used, increases the storage medium’s useful life.

6. Network Integration:

The camera complies with the requirements of ONVIF Profile S, ONVIF Profile Q, and ONVIF Profile G. No matter the vendor, compatibility between network video solutions is ensured by adherence to these standards. The core feature set of the camera is easily accessible to third-party integrators for integration into significant projects.

7. Hybrid Setting:

The Bosch Flexidome 5000i camera can function in hybrid mode thanks to an analog video output. Through an SMB connector, this mode offers simultaneous high-definition HD video streaming and analog video output. The hybrid functionality provides a simple transition from an older CCTV system to an IP-based system.

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8. Access Security:

Supports 802.1x authentication and password protection with three levels. Use HTTPS with an SSL certificate that is stored in the camera to protect Web browser access.

9. Full-Featured viewing program:

You can use a web browser, the Bosch Video Management System, the free Bosch Video Client or Video Security Client, the video security mobile app, or third-party software to access the camera’s functionality.

10. Installation:

Bosch Flexidome 5000i camera

Bosch FLEXIDOME IP indoor 5000 Quick Installation Manual. Download the manual here


To optimize store designs, enhance customer experiences, and boost sales in the retail business environment, Bosch Flexidome 5000i can gather data such as the number of people entering or exiting a store, or it can spot patterns in customer activity.

Automatic alerts can be set off by video analysis in cases when something is obstructing emergency exits, forklifts are traveling in the incorrect way, or unapproved cars are parked in “no parking,” such as cargo zones.

Intelligent camera bitrate approaches discriminate between visual noise and useful information, such as movement, because silent images with little to no movement call for a lower bit rate. This lowers the amount of storage space and network voltage needed while maintaining manageable video data.

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