SIR GAWAIN g007 mini hidden spy camera

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SIR Gawain g007 Camera Review

Mini Cameras are less covert than genuine “Spy Cameras” since, depending on where they are placed, they have a higher chance of being discovered than hidden ones. But when it comes to beneficial covert surveillance, whether it be to watch over the outside of a home, the interior of a car, or elsewhere, the SIR GAWAIN g007 Mini Spy Camera unquestionably takes the first place.

SIR GAWAIN g007 mini hidden spy camera

The SIRGAWAIN Battery Operate Mini Spy Camera might persuade you if you’re looking for a tiny, portable spy camera to catch your family in the act, and need a nanny cam, this is the best spy camera for the job thanks to its high-quality video recording without the need for Wi-Fi.

SIR GAWAIN g007 Mini Spy Camera is readily concealable and has a battery life of up to 60 minutes, while not being able to be classified as a spy camera that links to your phone. Its size allows it to be positioned between the thumb and fingers. It has night vision, motion detection, and continuous recording while charging.

With 6 indiscernible IR LEDs, the SIRGAWAIN 1080P Hidden Camera can capture images both during the day and at night. The risk of camera failure from falling from a short height is reduced since the handle body is composed of sturdy metal and is not easily deformed. A 16 GB microSD memory card is included.

Pros & Cons


  • Design options for the faceplate
  • 2-way audio communication
  • Weather-resistant material
  • Choice of a prerecorded voice message
  • 1080p full HD video quality
  • The camera has night vision.
  • can take 12MP pictures


  • Hardwiring is necessary for installation.
  • No memory card is provided.
  • USB charging cable of a non-standard size (not Mini or Micro or Type-C).
  • It is obviously a camera
  • The battery life is terrible.

Product Information

  • Battery: Hard-wired battery
  • Motion Scanner: Yes
  • Video Resolution: Full HD 1080p
  • Water Resistance: Weather Resistant
  • Storage: Micro SD Card
  • Audio Recording: Yes
  • Night Vision: Yes
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi

Features and Details

SIR GAWAIN g007 mini hidden spy camera
SIR GAWAIN g007 camera

1080p HD Image Quality

In order to catch someone, video clarity comes first. You can be positive it is your goal when there is adequate detail. The SIRGAWAIN Battery Operated Mini Spy Camera excels in this area due to its 1080p video resolution and 12MP pictures.

Wireless Camera

With the SIR GAIWAN g007 Mini Spy Camera, you can effortlessly watch houses, bedrooms, garages, hotel rooms, offices, your child’s nursery, and other places where you require real-time security. It is also battery-operated and wireless. It can also be used as a body or sports cam, to record nannies, pets, kids, or elderly and caretakers, and to ensure you’re one step ahead of any risks in your life.

Night Vision

Through the use of 6 IR LEDs, the camera also has night vision. The video is bright and crisp, but while you’re not using it, make sure there’s enough light to record video, including loop recording.

Long Battery Life

With a battery life of 60 minutes, SIRGAIWAN Mini Spy Camera can record continuously while charging or start recording when it senses movement.

Card Storage

Even a micro SD card slot was able to fit inside SIR GAWAIN’s compact frame. Maybe you can get away with it if you can find a nice hiding place. However, if someone finds it, they will know right once that it’s a camera. When you travel, the camera also supports MicroSD cards with a capacity of 2 to 32 GB to protect your hotel room while you’re away.

No Subscription Required

SIR GAIWAN g007 Mini Spy Camera is available without any subscription fee. In addition, you can pre-record a voice message to play when you are unavailable or too busy to use the device’s two-way audio communication to respond to guests.

Small Size

The Sir Gawain Mini Spy Camera is a good option if you’re seeking for a small spy camera that runs independently without requiring Wi-Fi because everything is self-contained.

Sir Gawain Spy Camera Application

It includes a free mobile application that only offers streaming video within your home’s Wi-Fi network. With the camera, PC, or phone all linked to the same Wi-Fi network, you can only remotely watch videos from inside your house or business. The Sir Gawain Mini Spy Camera Mobile Application must be downloaded and synced to your tablet or smartphone. The App is simple to use, and you can configure it to deliver push notifications and alarms whenever someone knocks on your door.

Motion Detection

The SIR GAWAIN Battery Operated Mini Spy Camera’s value is located in an odd place. On the one hand, it has night vision, motion detection, and high-quality video recording. It appears to be a home security camera as a result of that.

140 Wide Vision

SIR GAIWAN Mini Spy Camera offers a number of extremely practical features that make it one of the best spy cameras overall available on the market. Measuring 0.87 inches square, this spy camera is simple to set up and conceal. It also captures full HD video or still images with a 140-degree field of view for use at night or in low light.

SIR GAIWAN g007 Camera Installation

There are a few tools needed for the installation of the SIR GAIWAN Mini Spy Camera, but the majority are already in the kit. Since you have to screw it in, it is less likely to be stolen. When someone tries to steal the item from your front door, the device detects the attempt and sends you a photo as a warning.


The SIR GAWAIN g007 Battery Operated Mini Spy Camera has all the essential qualities a spy camera needs, including a small design, HD video recording, and night vision, for those looking for a small, discreet spy camera to catch their family in a lie, use as a nanny cam, or perhaps need the best spy camera for the job.

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