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Ray-Ban Smart Glasses; Ray-Ban Stories, Features, Prices & More.

We are not just talking about technology here but also class, Beauty, and elegance. this product helps you to be elegant and smart at the same time. It gives you a superhero feeling because wearing them just helps you figure out a lot of things. These Ray-Ban Smart Glasses cost $300 and the Mark Zuckerberg smart glasses come with a camera and speakers.     

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  You may be wondering why you have to spend $300 and more on sunglasses well, this is not just an ordinary pair of glasses! these smart glasses Ray-Ban feel like you’re carrying a security camera in your eyes. You get to do anything picture or do you and even video with this pair of glasses. I’m sure this is why didn’t your curiosity even more so let’s get down to the details.

Product description.

The Ray Ban Smart glasses are available in two different sizes standard and large and they are also available in many different designs. They come in six different colors with six different lenses on each. They are sold at $300 upwards depending on the choice you make. It has two cameras, four small speakers, and three microphones in the side arms.

                   The Ray ban camera glasses carry two five MP cameras that record videos in a square format of 1184 by 1184. This is because I open-air found close to the ears on the side arms. There is a touch-sensitive control on the right arm where you can swipe to change volume, tap to play, pause skip tracks, or answer calls. The glass uses both a combination of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and to transfer stuff to your phone you use the app called Facebook View. The glasses are in a Sleek leather case which serves as both a storage and recharge. The Ray-Ban Smart Glass case has a built-in battery and USB  for charging.


  • Clear audio for calls.
  • recordings and music.
  • Classy and elegant.
  • Polarized lens.
  • Good video and picture quality.


  • Need A Facebook account is needed
  • Easy to take photos by accident
  • Marginal editing tools
  • Video time limit is too short
  • low light camera performance
  • Not water or dust resistance
  • Poor audio quality

Features and details.

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  1. Smart compatibility.

 The Mark Zuckerberg smart glasses Ray-Ban work with Facebook assistant voice control. It is compatible with both IOS and Android.

2. Battery life.

The ray ban stories glasses can last for 6 hours if you used them in moderation but if you use them continuously will last for 3 hours. App to share content comfortably, the ribbon stories require a Facebook account and the Facebook view app.

3. Polarized lens.

The new ray ban camera glass lens has been made such that you get a true-to-color environment these lenses block at least 95% of the light which is reflected and which eliminates glare and increases visual clarity.

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4. Sound.

With three built-in microphones, you get to enjoy a good sound and reach voice quality through the discrete open speaker with the Mark Zuckerberg smart glasses.

5. Picture and video quality.

 Pictures and videos are of high resolution and quality, the door 5 MP camera adjusts the light around you and these pictures and videos can be taken hands-free.

So, do I recommend you try this pair of smart glasses? yes, I do. the Ray-Ban stories smart glasses were not just created for security purposes but also fun. You can effectively enjoy these ray bans facebook glasses especially when you go out with friends or you are attending an important event. It is easy to capture every important moment and why not you could catch criminals too. Get the Ray-Ban story smart glasses and experience the superhero feeling.

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