Light Bulb wifi camera

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Light Bulb wifi camera

Light Bulb wifi camera

Looking at all the features that the light bulb wifi camera possesses, and the price at which it is sold, it is safe to say that this surveillance camera is a gift to humanity. With night vision, motion detection, and two-way audio for your home and even your office, what more can you ask for?.

This surveillance camera is great part is, it is wireless. ( no cables).


  • Has motion detector


  • Works for both indoor and outdoor


  • Colour night vision


  • Has an alarm


  • It is very affordable


  • High definition video quality



  • Does not support 5G Wi-Fi network


  • Cannot function without the internet


  • Cannot work for all-weather


  • No cloud storage


Product information

Light Bulb wifi camera

The light bulb Wi-Fi camera has a dimension of 2.76×2.76×4.72 inches and weighs 11.9 ounces The first availability date is July 31 2018 and it is manufactured by TUPEYA

Customer review is 3.4 out of 5 stars


It is compatible with android or Wi-fi setup via IOS


Features and Details


The light bulb wifi camera gives you an amazing view that covers about 10m (394 inches) with its 1920*1080p full HD day at 25fps with very colorful images and the night vision goes up to 32feet in the darkness. This means that you can view very clear images in total darkness. This camera has a viewing height of 3-3.5m( 118-138 inches)

High definition video

For a security camera, the build gives amazing details in its recordings and live streaming as it is done in full 1080p high definition. Also, it is built with a 360 degree

a fisheye lens which gives you a super wide view angle and it can film 24/7.



The light bulb wifi camera can support a micro SD card storage of up to 128G but this is not included in the camera so you have to purchase it separately.

Motion Alert

When the camera detects motion, it immediately sends an alert to your phone no matter where you are and keeps you up to date on all that is happening at home, at the office, or wherever the camera has been installed.

Adjustable Alarm Frequency


The camera has an alarm to help you wade off intruders and this alarm can be adjusted to sensitivity.

From the app setting on your phone, you can adjust the alarm to low sensitivity and with this, you won’t get frequent notifications but with the higher sensitivity, the alarm is more intensive.

Easy setup

The light bulb wifi camera setup process is one of the easiest that you can find. Here are the steps

  1. Download the app “360eyes”


  1. Screw in the light bulb as it uses no wires or


  1. You will find a socket adaptor included in the package which works for different depths of the socket

The light bulb wifi camera is an amazing camera that ensures your security and helps you relive wonderful moments, especially with family. Your days and nights are secure.

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