Avigilon H5A Camera line

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H5A Camera Line Next-Generation Video Analytics

The Avigilon H5A camera line comes with the next-generation video analytics technology. The cames uses the latest AI-powered video analytics to detect and constantly monitor any objects, whether stationary or moving with greater accuracy even in crowded scenes. Avigilon H5A camera line also detects unusual activity in a scene autonomously, apply facial recognition technology to alert face watch list matches, and maintains vigilance with pandemic response technology. The advanced capabilities on the Avigilon H5A camera line help provide detailed information on what is happening in your home or business area so you can detect potentially critical security breach faster and take responsive action.

Avigilon H4A Camera line
Avigilon H4A Camera line

With this camera, you can keep an eye on your loved ones so you always make sure they are doing fine. You can sleep peacefully at night because this camera gives you the opportunity to see everything as clearly as during the day. You get to see who comes in and goes out of your home so, let’s check this out together.

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Avigilon H5A Camera line Product

Avigilon H5A bullet camera
  • Avigilon H5A dome camera
Avigilon H5A dome camera
  • Avigilon H5A dome camera with IR illuminators
Avigilon H5A dome camera with IR illuminators

Avigilon H5A Camera line Product Details

manufacturer: Avigilon.

Warranty: 5 years.

Security Password protection: HTTPS encryption, digest Authentication, WS
Authentication, user access log, 802.1 X Port-based Authentication.

Dynamic range: up to 120 DB – 132 DB.

Maximum frame rate: 2 MP, 4 MP, 5 MP, 6 MP, 8 MP up to 30/ps


  • Weather resistant.
  • Next Generation Video Analytics.
  • In-built alarm.
  • Clear and colorful night vision.
  • Multiple lens options.
  • 5-year warranty.
  • Indoor/outdoor.


• cannot function without an internet connection

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Avigilon H5A camera Features and Details

5-year warranty.

This really got me and I must confess I was so impressed when I first fell on this information. You do not only have one year warranty like most security cameras but rather you get a 5-year warranty and that’s because the industry is very sure about its product.

Audio capacities.

This aspect is quite fascinating. Avigilon has made things easy for you by making some pots available for external audio such as loudspeakers, sirens, and even microphones.


You get to decide if you prefer an SD or a microSD memory and with this storage plan you get to preserve and prevent the loss of recorded videos

Integrated IR illuminators.

Avigilon H5A dome camera with IR illuminators
Avigilon H5A dome camera with IR illuminators

Due to the integrated IR LEDs, you enjoy uniform and complete illumination in total darkness therefore you have nothing to worry about.

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Easy installation.

This surveillance camera comes with multiple form factors and this gives you the liberty to choose and go for the one which best suits You and makes your installation easy.

Relay I-10 connections.

You have the Liberty to work on both your input and output actions in alarms for quicker and faster responses in case of any fuss.

Weather resistant.

Enjoy weather and impact rated that is Ik10 impact and IP 66/7 weather rating for a powerful resistance. you don’t have to worry about bad weather affecting your camera anymore.

User Manual & Installation.

When installing an Avigilon H5A camera, follow the listed mounting and aiming recommendations to maximize the camera’s analytics capabilities:

  • The camera should be installed above 2.74 m (9 feet).
  • The camera should tilt downwards no more than 45 degrees.
  • The camera image should be level with the horizon line.
  • The camera should be mounted to a stable surface to minimize the physical movement of the camera after installation.

Next Generation Video Analytics.

what if something happens and there is a crowd? this video camera has the ability to expand objects and still give you accurate detection in the midst of a crowded scene.

Multiple lens options.

A variety of lens types are made available for you. You could decide to go with the long zoom lens for more flexible coverage options.

License plate recognition compatibility.

Avigilon H5A works with a software ACC for accurate capture of a license plate at distance and speed range.

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High-efficiency video coding.

Maintain awesome image quality with reduced storage and bandwidth requirements due to a combination of HEBC/ 8.265 video compression and H5A smart codec technology.

After going through the above information, I hope I was able to convince you that you need an Avigilon H5A security camera line in your home to ensure your family’s security and safety. Trust me when I say, you will not regret making this decision.

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