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SkyBell HD video doorbell

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Upgrade Your Home Security with SkyBell Smart Doorbell

With lives getting busier, there is a certain need to keep an eye on your front door to watch out for porch pirates. Sometimes, you want an easier way to see who’s knocking on your front door without getting off your comfy couch or bed. Doorbells have been a game-changer to home security and made things much easier. However, with many options of door-bells popping up in the market, it begs the question of which one is right for you.

SkyBell HD video doorbell

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The SkyBell HD video doorbell is an amazing option. It offers a comprehensive and effective solution to home security and convenience. In this article, we explore some of the features of the SkyBell HD video doorbell.

SkyBell Doorbell Pros and Cons.


  • Colour Night vision enabled
  • NO Subscription needed
  • Allows smart home integration
  • Free Video and Audio Recording
  • 1080p HD resolution and video output
  • Wired and wireless doorbell options


  • May require an adapter or converter
  • Motion alerts won’t always be delivered on apps
  • Local video storage options limited

SkyBell Doorbell Pricing

Although it may not seem like it, SkyBell is among the market’s most budget-friendly doorbell cameras. The starting price is about $154, slightly higher than some popular brands but cheaper than brands such as Nest.

The biggest pro with SkyBell is that if you want to customize the package with different mounts, it will only cost you a few more dollars compared to other brands, which will drain your bank account with add-ons and accessories.

Technical Specifications

skybell video doorbell specifications

Size4.8*1.44*1.13 Inches
Resolution1080p HD up to 15 Frames per Second
Weather ResistanceIP 34
Lens1800   Vertical120o vertical
Operating Temperature-35 0C to 50 0C
BatteryLi-ion Polymer
Night visionColour night vision 0.5 LUX
Speaker105 dB SPL @ 1 cm
SkyBell Doorbell Specifications

SkyBell Doorbell Mobile App

skybell video doorbell app interface

The whole idea of having a doorbell is convenient; with this, SkyBell has it all. The app allows seamless integration with the cameras to allow you to keep close tabs on your front door from anywhere and anytime.

The app is free to install and works perfectly for iOS and Android devices. When a visitor presses the button, the camera sends live audio and video feed to the mobile app, which you can see, hear and speak to the person at the door.

In addition, the motion sensor alter allows you to watch a live feed when a person moves close to the camera but doesn’t press the button. The app keeps you connected to your cameras and gives you additional security and monitoring anytime you need to.

However, this app will only work with the SkyBell HD video doorbell device.

SkyBell doorbell Facial Recognition

When it comes to artificial intelligence capabilities, SkyBell lags behind a little. While some cameras can differentiate people from cars, pets, and other objects, SkyBell cannot. This means that when the camera notifications are turned on, you will likely receive many unnecessary motion detection prompts on your app. Hopefully, SkyBell will look into this and add this feature for more accurate and reliable notifications.

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SkyBell doorbell Installation.

Skybell dorrbell installation
Skybell dorrbell installation 2
Skybell dorrbell installation 3

Installing SkyBell has been made super easy. For the SkyBell HD option, all you need to do is screw the base plate on your door and attach the wires before attaching the doorbell to the mounting plate. From there, all that is needed is to lock the camera into place, and you’re good to go. Watch the video below to better understand

SkyBell doorbell Installation

For the Trim Plus option, you can set it up the same way as the HD option, but for battery-powered options, mount it on the outer door frame. Once you install the hardware, download the app, pair everything to the Wi-Fi, and go through the syncing process.

ADT Doorbell Vs SkyBell

The major difference between these two brands is in pricing. The SkyBell will cost you around $199, while with the ADT, you’ll need to part ways with around $149.

  • Another notable difference is the quiet mode. SkyBell allows you to turn off the chime and, instead, have the entryway activity sent to your mobile phone as a notification. ADT lacks this feature, which gives SkyBell the go-ahead.
  • When it comes to night vision, SkyBell takes the win. SkyBell has HD color night vision, compared to a less superior infrared Led night vision that comes with the ADT doorbell. With SkyBell, it’s much easier to identify faces at night.
  • SkyBell has a much better operating temperature, giving it better functionality even in adverse weather conditions.

Generally, the above are the major differences between the two brands. They share features such as video quality, fields of view, hardwires, two-way audio, and ease of installation.

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SkyBell Doorbell Smart Integrations with Alexa and Nest.

The biggest flex of SkyBell is the seamless integration capabilities with Alexa and Nest.

However, this needs integration into a security system that supports these smart platforms. That way, you can easily access the SkyBell features through Alexa. With Alexa, you can easily control the SkyBell HD to do commands such as turning the doorbell chime off or recording and taking a snapshot of someone on the door.

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The integration with Nest security systems allows perfect collaborations, such as one between the SkyBell camera and Nest Protect, a smoke and CO detector. With the Nest Protect, in case of smoke detection, the siren will go off with colored lights, and thanks to the integration, the doorbell will blink red, sending warnings to anyone at the door. At the same time, you’ll get notifications on your mobile phone.

You can also set the two systems such that a Nest Cam Indoors can record whenever the SkyBell doorbell starts recording.

Although there could be some challenges in syncing the two systems, we hope both brands work towards a more seamless integration procedure.

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The SkyBell HD video doorbell is a one-stop solution for home security and convenience. SkyBell has many features that will turn your home into a hub of comfort and convenience, from ease of installation to integration with other home smart and security systems.


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