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August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

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The August Wi-Fi Smart Door Lock is the(4th Generation) door lock.

Market leader August has used a two-product arrangement for years to provide Wi-Fi connectivity for its smart locks. Only a Bluetooth radio is included in the door enclosure with the August locks. The connection between the Bluetooth lock and your Wi-Fi network had to be made using a different product called the August Connect, which needed to be plugged into a nearby power outlet.

Excellent smart locks are produced by August, and they are simple to install, use, and incorporate into a smart home. Although this company offers a wide variety of locks, we believe the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is the best illustration of how cutting-edge these items are.

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

It is the first August lock to come equipped with Wi-Fi, which was previously only available as a pricey add-on. This implies that you can use your smartphone to remotely control it. Additionally, it comes pre-configured to work with well-known smart home systems. However, Wi-Fi reduces battery life, so if you don’t want to pay for expensive replacement batteries, you might want to think about using a different August smart lock.

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Product Information

Wi-Fi network

The first smart lock from August with integrated Wi-Fi is the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock. This indicates that the lock uses your Wi-Fi network at home to establish a direct remote connection. It is the smallest August lock since August improved the design to fit in a smaller box than its predecessor (August Smart Lock Pro).

Third-Party Systems

Since it has built-in Wi-Fi for the first time, the August Wi-Fi Smart Door Lock eliminates the need for additional August Connect attach Wi-Fi bridge modules and is the company’s smallest model to date. Like its forerunners, it also works with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and a number of other third-party systems and gadgets.

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock Price

The Price of the smart lock is high ($229.99), although it is comparable to the cost of locks from earlier generations. Each August Smart Lock model has automatic locking and unlocking capabilities. Auto-Lock is particularly helpful for frequently locking your door, and Auto-Unlock provides a hands-free entrance when you reach home.

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Battery life

The Battery life is closely related to how frequently you use a lock and the kinds of technology it employs. Compared to previous August locks, which utilize Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone or an August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge, the August Wi-Fi Smart Door Lock tends to consume more power because it includes built-in Wi-Fi.

Biometric Verification

The August Smart Lock now includes Biometric Verification as a new feature. You may configure the August app so that it uses Face ID or your fingerprint to lock or open your door, just like the Samsung fingerprint door locks. That’s fantastic if you frequently misplace your phone or if you’re going on vacation and want to ensure that no one will be able to enter your home while you’re away.

August Home app

August Home app

The August Home app is the finest app available for smartphones among manufacturers of smart locks. Whether you’re cuddled up in bed or spending the day at the beach, Wi-Fi-enabled locks let you remotely operate your smart lock from anywhere.

User interface

Because of the clear menus and user interface, you can easily adjust your August Smart Door Lock to meet your needs without having to sift through a maze of options. The app can be used to assist with lock installation as well. Clear instructions and video tutorials are included.

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  • Logical smartphone app.
  • Open doors can be detected.
  • Simple guest access controls.
  • Simple to install
  • Strong compatibility with smart homes.
  • A large number of model options.


  • Costly locks.
  • Expensive accessories
  • August Wi-Fi Smart Door Lock has low battery life.

What’s in the Box?

  • Wi-Fi Smart Lock from August.
  • DoorSense TM detector.
  • Two CR123 batteries.
  • Mounting Hardware and a lock adapter.

The August Wi-Fi Smart Door Lock simply requires you to replace the portion of your deadbolt that is inside your home, unlike other smart locks. Consequently, you can continue to use the deadbolt’s original keys, but you will need to purchase a keypad separately if you want it, as this feature is included in other smart locks.

Lock Features and Details

The August Wi-Fi Smart Door Lock has all of the same features as the August Smart Lock Pro, minus the redesigned look. Which includes:

DoorSense: It is a tiny sensor that you can place on your door frame to let the lock know if the door is closed.

Smart Alerts: Notifications when a door is locked, unlocked, or left open.

Lock Features and Details.

Auto-Lock: With the DoorSense sensor, August can automatically lock your door as soon as it is closed or after a certain amount of time. The lock can be configured to sound a chime when it locks or unlocks.

Auto-Unlock: This function detects when you leave your house via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and switches the lock into the Away mode. August will automatically unlock the door for you when you get home and switch to the Home mode as soon as you’re a few feet away.

Guest Access: Using the August app, you can generate one-time or recurring “keys” for visitors to use to open the door. These keys can be programmed to operate just during specific hours or for a set amount of time. It shouldn’t take you longer than 15 minutes to install the lock, link it to my Wi-Fi network, and set up HomeKit.

User Manual Guide

User Manual Guide

The August Smart Lock is among the simplest smart locks to install. It has a very simple & easy User Manual Guide from which you easily install the Smart Lock as per the rules and instructions. As only one component of your deadbolt needs to be changed, you may have the lock operational in less than 30 minutes. Finding your key will probably take more time than setting up the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock.


Due to features like adjustable guest access settings, DoorSense open door detection, and broad smart home connectivity, August smart locks are among the best on the market. The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is the best there is! Smart, simple to install, and comes with a nice App. The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock, which doesn’t need an expensive device to provide remote access, best represents this of all August locks. Although the battery life may not be as long as that of other August locks, the sleek, compact design of this lock looks far nicer than that of its relatives.

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